The Yule Cat: Not So Cuddly

Now when you first hear the words “Yule cat” you might be thinking of a cute little kitty all cozied up by the fire with a decorated tree and stockings in the background…. Unfortunately, you would be horribly wrong about this. In Iceland, there is a legend of the Yule cat, and if you happen […]

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Yuletide Tales Coming Soon!

Hello all! I apologize for the lack of updates, it has been a very busy end of my college semester. Coming Soon! Yuletide tales! I have been reading many wonderful tales and folklore lately, and I plan to share them with you all! Updates coming soon! Thank you for your patience! -Kitty    

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Kitty Bloodcrow’s Welcome

  Welcome, my name here is Kitty Bloodcrow. I can assure you this blog will be devoted to all things mystical and paranormal. I myself am on a spiritual journey and I hope to share here some of my experiences. I am also willing to take any advice or stories from my readers. I may […]

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